Community Health Trainers


Thank you for providing your community with health training programs using WiRED’s interactive modules. We value your partnership and look forward to working with you on your Community Health Education activities.

On this Community Health Trainer page, we will provide you with training tools and updates. We also will connect you to WiRED’s Health Module Access Program (HealthMAP) that enables you to download any of our modules for use offline. HealthMAP allows you to present the modules in places where there are no Internet connections. It also makes it easy to copy your health library to a flash drive and share the material with others.

Thank you very much for serving as a vital resource to help your community learn about good health. Your work can save lives by addressing health knowledge inequality found in so many regions of the world.


This module offers an overview of a trainer’s role in a community health education program. It describes the process, the modules, how to arrange a group meeting, how to present a module and much more. This module will take 30-40 minutes. Please don’t miss the FAQs at the end.








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