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About Us


WiRED International, the developer and host of this Web portal, is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that has contributed to medical and health education in developing regions since 1997. For years, WiRED has delivered learning programs on CDs and thumb drives, but as the Internet has become available to increasing numbers of medical professionals and grassroots communities in the places we serve, we decided to create a Web distribution tool that allows anyone access to this educational material. Our audiences have always included people who live off the grid, and we will continue to serve them with portable media, but this Web portal allows many others to receive this information online.


Modules in this Health Education Learning Portal have been created by our team of physicians, medical editors, imagers, and technicians along with many other medical experts who donate their valuable time and skills. We continually update the existing programs, and we routinely create new modules to meet the needs of our audiences in developing regions.


In order to keep this material fresh and relevant, we welcome suggestions for new topics from medical professionals, teachers, community health workers, and ordinary people. Please contact us with your suggestions and thoughts at


Thank you for coming to our site, we welcome you to explore topics of particular interest or to browse for subjects you might enjoy reviewing. Medical professionals will find complete training courses and medical updates on subjects that expand their knowledge base.


Use this site in good health.


The WiRED board and staff.