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Mother and Child Health Series:
Motherhood Before and After




Introduction to Before Pregnancy The module explains what women can do to make sure pregnancies are planned and healthy and covers the development of a reproductive life plan, birth control and family planning, and how a woman’s health conditions, risk factors, diet and medicines can affect her unborn child.

Birth Defects Birth Defects introduces the topic, examines the causes from genetic and chromosomal problems to environmental factors, lists the many types of birth defects and discusses prevention. The course addresses the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, the most common birth defect, and continues by providing information on specific birth defects.

Family planning A Guide for Grass Roots Audiences: This module defines family planning, its purpose, its effect on the health of mothers and their offspring and family planning options.

Planificación Familiar (Spanish)

Planejamento Familiar (Portuguese)

Menstruation This module covers such menstruation topics as the menstrual cycle, common problems, abnormal uterine bleeding, causes of an irregular period, premenstrual syndrome, sanitary products and toxic shock syndrome.



Introduction to Pregnant Now provides general information on what happens after a woman becomes pregnant: what she should do, what kind of tests she and the baby will need and what happens if problems arise.

Gestational Diabetes This module defines gestational diabetes (found for the first time when a woman is pregnant), including how it will affect the newborn. Detailed treatment methods are also discussed.

Gestational Hypertension (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) This module describes blood pressure, its levels and types; hypertension and its signs, diagnosis and treatment; risk factors; and possible consequences for the mother, which include damage to kidneys and other organs, life-threatening preeclampsia and eclampsia; and early delivery and low birth weight for the baby.

Healthy Practices During Pregnancy A Guide for Grass Roots Audiences: This module describes a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, prenatal care for mother and baby, diet, appropriate weight gain and more.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy A Guide for General Audiences: This module describes healthy prenatal practices and exercise during pregnancy, including weight gain and appropriate nutrition.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy — Information for Community Health Workers This module describes a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, antenatal care for mother and baby, managing gastrointestinal symptoms, and appropriate weight gain.

Pregnancy Complications (Express Module). A Guide for General Audiences: This module is specifically targeted to general audiences and includes information about health problems before and after pregnancy.

Complicaciones del Embarazo (Modulo Expreso) (Spanish)



Introduction to Labor and Delivery The module serves as an introduction to the topic by giving guidelines to expectant mothers on what to expect, covers false labor, signs and stages of labor and presents an overview of pain management techniques, cesarean delivery and more.

Obstetric Fistula Obstetric Fistula is an abnormal connection between two parts inside the body--such as vessels, intestine (bowel), and the vagina or other structures--and the skin. This module describes Obstetric Fistula, looks at risk factors, symptoms, complications, diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

Fístula obstétrica (Spanish) La fístula obstétrica es una conexión anormal entre dos partes internas del cuerpo - como vasos, intestino grueso (colon), y las estructuras vagina u otras - y la piel. Este módulo describe la fístula obstétrica, analiza los factores de riesgo, síntomas, complicaciones, diagnóstico y tratamiento de la enfermedad.

Fistule obstétricale (French)

Maternal Sepsis This module describes maternal sepsis, a common and potentially life-threatening infection in pregnant women, its causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors and prevention.

Postpartum Depression For general audiences. Signs, diagnosis and treatment of Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum Hemorrhage This module covers normal bleeding vs. postpartum hemorrhage, causes of postpartum hemorrhage, uterine atony, trauma, retention of tissue, thrombin, risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and prevention.



Introduction to Parenting This module emphasizes the need for skilled attendants for newborns whether they are born at home or not, care for small and sick babies, home visit strategies and the importance of vaccinations and exams.

Child Growth and Development From birth to the end of adolescence, child development is a process that ranges from physical growth to mental autonomy. This module, split into two parts, describes the speed and pattern of child development and its causes, as well as discussing childhood healthcare and proper immunizations.

Child Nutrition This module covers nutritional requirements for children, guidelines on healthy eating, food groups and recommended calories and physical activities.

Childhood Obesity This module covers the condition’s causes and consequences, how to measure height and weight and how to calculate the BMI. It reviews the role parents and guardians play and encourages healthy eating habits and physical activity, both important factors in the prevention of obesity.

Diarrhea in Children This module describes the condition in children, its causes, symptoms, complications, treatment and prevention; dangers and risks of dying; chronic diarrhea; and the importance of dietary therapy beginning with breastfeeding.

Infant Feeding This module covers infant nutrition, breastfeeding guidelines and benefits, breastfeeding while sick, allergies to breastmilk, HIV and infant feeding and introducing solid food.

Infant Health The module explains appropriate feeding and care of newborns and information on infant mortality, immunizations, tests and screenings and skilled care at birth and afterwards at home.

Nursing Mother's Nutrition This module discusses maintaining a healthy diet, formulating a food plan, the need for fluids, abstaining from alcohol and tobacco, vitamins and minerals, eating seafood, the effects of medications, physical fitness and food safety advice.